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Project Management of unique Hotels: A look at Sustainability and ESG Criteria


Explore the pivotal role of project management in transforming the hotel industry through ESG criteria.

From Spain’s most sustainable hotel, to initiatives prioritizing environmental conservation and social responsibility, understand how hotels are redefining luxury and guest experience. Witness the synergy between investment and management and the rising demand for ethically conscious accommodations.

Dive into this eye-opening journey of how sustainability, community engagement, and sound governance are reshaping the future of hospitality. Don’t miss out on this captivating insight into tomorrow’s hotel industry!

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Evento: Proyectos de Rehabilitaci贸n Sostenible de Hoteles

El pr贸ximo martes 8 de noviembre participar茅 en un evento sobre Proyectos de Rehabilitaci贸n Hotelera, organizado por Madrid Network.

Mostraremos algunas experiencias en rehabilitaci贸n hotelera relacionadas con la sostenibilidad y el aseguramiento de negocio.

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