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A Digital Future Based on Collaboration

A Digital Future Based on Collaboration

Unveiling the future of construction with PMI & Oracle’s strategic alliance! Championing digital transformation and paving the way for innovative solutions, certifications, and greater efficiencies. Join us in revolutionizing project management and exceed industry expectations!

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The Transmutation of the Nakagin Capsule Tower

From Emblematic Futuristic Vision to Digitalized Relic

The story of a structure like Nakagin Capsule Tower is inherently dual: it begins with the pristine vision of its creator, and concludes in its lived, worn-out reality. Both stages鈥 the ideal and the aged鈥攁re valuable in understanding our architectural legacy.

The Tower鈥檚 inception represents an architectural revolution, emblematic of the Metabolism movement鈥檚 vision for organic urban evolution. Its aged state, however, offers a narrative of the building’s struggle against time and societal change.

Digital archiving, as used by Gluon, captures these dual realities, fostering richer dialogue around architecture. The story of the Tower鈥攆rom future symbol to relic, and now digital monument鈥攗nderscores the value of preserving and learning from every phase of our architectural history.

Join us as we trace the Nakagin Capsule Tower’s path from architectural innovation to a digital footprint.

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Heidegger’s hand and the 3D Printer: Reflections on the Architecture of the Future

In the digital age, 3D-printed architecture marries efficiency with customization, but risks losing traditional touch.

Houses are more than just buildings; they’re experienced and lived-in spaces. Despite technological progress, there’s a perennial need for the human touch in creating our environment.

The challenge in this increasingly digital world is not merely to construct buildings, but to craft unique experiences, enabling each 3D-printed house to tell its own story.

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Museum of the Future

Discover the most beautiful building in the world, designed by AI.

Visitors can use a wide range of technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, to project themselves into the future and create an immersive experience.

The museum hopes to offer an optimistic view of the future and transforms how we understand the creative process and the challenges it presents, which are impossible to resolve without technology. It also raises many questions and possibilities.

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Can you imagine a city without streets or cars circulating?

Discover NEOM, the ambitious and futuristic giga project in Saudi Arabia aiming to achieve economic independence from the oil sector and revolutionize the concept of urban sustainability with The Line, a 170km linear city surrounded by protected areas.

NEOM is assuming the largest giga project in attracting talent worldwide. Technicians from all areas, going through Architects, Engineers, and even workers, and workers are being attracted by the opportunities offered by this initiative for the future.

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Organizational agility in the automotive sector

Organizational-Agility in Automotive Sector

Organizational agility in the automotive sector makes the difference between companies. The greater the agility, the greater the response to the changes that may occur in the market, and that, will place that company above its competitors.

Agility is a key characteristic automakers need to embrace in the digital and connected age. Therefore, implementing agile methodologies in manufacturing processes can be one of the keys to stand out from the competition.

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Digital Transformation in the Engineering and Construction Sectors

The rise of digital technology has led to some pretty significant changes in most of the major industries in the world. Things have been steadily changing in this regard since the earlier days of the 20th Century, but in the last few decades, the advancements have sky-rocketed.

If you鈥檙e unfamiliar with what this actually means, it鈥檚 basically just the utilization of digital means to improve the way in which a business will deliver value to its customers. There are some obvious cases where this would be useful.

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Casas del Futuro

Casas del Futuro

Mutasem Al-Abweh nos presenta en este art铆culo un enfoque alternativo sobre la Agilidad aplicada al sector de la construcci贸n.

芦Viviendas con Contenedores Mar铆timos禄 es una aproximaci贸n audaz e interesante sobre la forma de percibir las Casas del Futuro.

Una tendencia actual en la construcci贸n 谩gil es la transformaci贸n de contenedores mar铆timos en edificios habitables. Una ventaja adicional de los nuevos modos de instalaci贸n o construcci贸n prefabricadas hace que los contenedores sean muy atractivos para los arquitectos. Adem谩s, analizando otros proyectos residenciales, solo los proyectos con contenedores mar铆timos se han enfocado recientemente para la autoconstrucci贸n por el propio cliente.

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Houses of the Future

Casas del Futuro

Here we bring to you a very interesting post from Mutasem Al-Abweh about alternative construction with an Agile construction focus. 芦Shipping Container Homes禄 it is a very bold aproach and a very interesting way to see the Houses of the Future. Mutasem Al-Abweh is an Industrial Engineer with a Dual Master Graduate in Industrial Processes Management from the University of Burgos, Spain.

A current trend in agile construction is towards using disposed of rusting shipping containers at ports for housing.

The added advantage of new modes of installation makes shipping containers more attractive to architects. Along with other projects where houses could be built, only shipping container projects have recently focused on being built by the resident him/herself.

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How Can You Boost Project Management with Automation?

Automate the most tedious and repetitive tasks, helping the team focus on those that require more attention and dedication, so that time is better used and greater performance is generated.

Many factors must be taken into account to automate the tasks and, never leave aside the communication with the team because it will be the one that presents the pros and cons of the tasks to automate.

It is necessary to follow a roadmap in the changes that will generate in our company the automation of certain tasks and never neglect the communication with the whole team to, if any problem arises, face it as soon as possible.

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