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A Digital Future Based on Collaboration

A Digital Future Based on Collaboration

Unveiling the future of construction with PMI & Oracle’s strategic alliance! Championing digital transformation and paving the way for innovative solutions, certifications, and greater efficiencies. Join us in revolutionizing project management and exceed industry expectations!

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The Transmutation of the Nakagin Capsule Tower

From Emblematic Futuristic Vision to Digitalized Relic

The story of a structure like Nakagin Capsule Tower is inherently dual: it begins with the pristine vision of its creator, and concludes in its lived, worn-out reality. Both stages鈥 the ideal and the aged鈥攁re valuable in understanding our architectural legacy.

The Tower鈥檚 inception represents an architectural revolution, emblematic of the Metabolism movement鈥檚 vision for organic urban evolution. Its aged state, however, offers a narrative of the building’s struggle against time and societal change.

Digital archiving, as used by Gluon, captures these dual realities, fostering richer dialogue around architecture. The story of the Tower鈥攆rom future symbol to relic, and now digital monument鈥攗nderscores the value of preserving and learning from every phase of our architectural history.

Join us as we trace the Nakagin Capsule Tower’s path from architectural innovation to a digital footprint.

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Invitado a #TYSC. Entrevista a un Project manager


Acercamos la entrevista que realiz贸 Carlos J. Pampliega, PMP, para la publicaci贸n Tecnolog铆a y Sentido Com煤n. Como Project Manager, habla del impacto de las nuevas tecnolog铆as en la Direcci贸n de Proyectos; y de lo que nos puede deparar el futuro en esta campo.

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Heidegger’s hand and the 3D Printer: Reflections on the Architecture of the Future

In the digital age, 3D-printed architecture marries efficiency with customization, but risks losing traditional touch.

Houses are more than just buildings; they’re experienced and lived-in spaces. Despite technological progress, there’s a perennial need for the human touch in creating our environment.

The challenge in this increasingly digital world is not merely to construct buildings, but to craft unique experiences, enabling each 3D-printed house to tell its own story.

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Evento: Siete Errores a Evitar en la Gesti贸n de Proyectos

Siete Errores a Evitar en la Gesti贸n de Proyectos

El pr贸ximo 13 de junio de 2023, a las 18:30 horas, en la sede de COGITIBU hablaremos sobre los 鈥淪IETE ERRORES A EVITAR EN LA GESTI脫N DE PROYECTOS鈥.

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Museum of the Future

Discover the most beautiful building in the world, designed by AI.

Visitors can use a wide range of technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, to project themselves into the future and create an immersive experience.

The museum hopes to offer an optimistic view of the future and transforms how we understand the creative process and the challenges it presents, which are impossible to resolve without technology. It also raises many questions and possibilities.

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Can you imagine a city without streets or cars circulating?

Discover NEOM, the ambitious and futuristic giga project in Saudi Arabia aiming to achieve economic independence from the oil sector and revolutionize the concept of urban sustainability with The Line, a 170km linear city surrounded by protected areas.

NEOM is assuming the largest giga project in attracting talent worldwide. Technicians from all areas, going through Architects, Engineers, and even workers, and workers are being attracted by the opportunities offered by this initiative for the future.

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C贸mo la RSE en proyectos de construcci贸n de M茅xico mejora la relaci贸n con los stakeholders

Responsabilidad Social Empresarial y Stakaholders

En M茅xico, el sector de la construcci贸n es de los m谩s importantes y competitivos.

Para tener una imagen leg铆tima ante los stakeholders, es importante hacer p煤blica la informaci贸n en materia de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE).

En este art铆culo, analizaremos la gesti贸n de los grupos de inter茅s en los proyectos de construcci贸n, c贸mo identificar los interesados y sus expectativas, la importancia de establecer los canales adecuados de comunicaci贸n, y c贸mo la RSE mejora la relaci贸n con los stakeholders.

Adem谩s, exploraremos c贸mo la gesti贸n de los stakeholders puede variar seg煤n el proyecto, como en el caso de viviendas sociales, centros comerciales y construcciones pesadas, y la importancia de cumplir con los par谩metros t茅cnicos y de seguridad. La gesti贸n adecuada de los stakeholders y la RSE son clave para lograr una relaci贸n armoniosa entre las organizaciones y sus stakeholders en el sector de la construcci贸n en M茅xico.

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Evento: Proyectos de Rehabilitaci贸n Sostenible de Hoteles

El pr贸ximo martes 8 de noviembre participar茅 en un evento sobre Proyectos de Rehabilitaci贸n Hotelera, organizado por Madrid Network.

Mostraremos algunas experiencias en rehabilitaci贸n hotelera relacionadas con la sostenibilidad y el aseguramiento de negocio.

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Suicidio en el sector de la construcci贸n: la pandemia silenciosa聽

La situaci贸n post-Covid ha generado en los directores de proyectos unos retos a los que no est谩bamos acostumbrados, tanto en los proyectos como en las organizaciones.

M谩s all谩 de las consecuencias acaecidas por el Covid-19, los problemas propios del mundo de la construcci贸n lo convierten en uno de los m谩s peligrosos. No por los accidentes derivados del trabajo, sino聽 por el mayor riesgo de suicidio comparado con cualquier otro sector.

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