Infrastructure boom means we need more project managers soon, says report


The Project Management Institute (PMI) 2024 Jobs Report shows that the need for project managers will increase in 2024 due to the simultaneous occurrence of ongoing construction and infrastructure ventures, coupled with the Australian Government’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions.

“All infrastructure and construction developments are project-based. This creates a world of opportunity for project managers in job opportunities and growth and development,” says the PMI.

Therefore, in planning for the 2032 Summer Olympics, the Australian and Queensland governments will invest $7B in an infrastructure program that will include the building and/or upgrading of 18 sport venues.

At the same time, the Federal Government and states and territories have pledged a rolling $120 billion ($12 billion per annum) investment over the next 10 years in infrastructure projects.

This growing need for project managers to deliver these important projects presents a huge employment opportunity for those looking at a career in the construction industry or those already in the industry looking to upskill.

Data from the Project Management Institute 2024 Jobs Report shows that Australia is the highest paying market in the Asia-Pacific region for project managers, coming second only to the United States, with a median annual salary of approximately AUD $159,000.

Data in the Project Management Institute’s 2024 Jobs Report shows the use of AI is becoming more prevalent in Australian workplaces, but workers understanding of how to harness if effectively is still developing.

“While AI is still an emerging tool in the construction industry, Australia’s critical infrastructure projects will increase the need for a highly skilled workforce,” say the PMI.

“Australia’s major infrastructure projects require highly trained and qualified project managers to deliver them, presenting employment and growth opportunities all while delivering on exciting, legacy projects,” it notes.

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