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I have noticed on Linkedin, over the last few weeks, a number of posts by ‘experts’ in the area of PMOs

These individuals are promoting courses, presentations, qualifications in some cases, or are making some bold declaration about the past, present and future of PMOs but (and here is the really scary part) if you take a closer look at their career (as declared on their LinkedIn profile) they don’t seem to have ever actually run a PMO


Now one definition of an ‘expert’ is ‘a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area’, which actually doesn’t help that much I don’t think

Another definition is ‘having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience’, which is even worse since it seems to suggest you can achieve the level of ‘expert’ by just taking a course

Was I an ‘expert’ when I just passed my driving test, was I hell as like?

When I look back now it actually makes me shudder to think how bad I was on the roads at 17 with my driving licence in my wallet and a self-belief in immortality wrapped in some knackered old Ford

No, the unwritten rule was a) take lessons b) take and pass your test and c) drive for 10,000 miles, survive, and then you were an experienced driver, still way off any definition in the area of ‘expert’

Take a driving theory test and match that with your unparalleled skill at Grand Theft Auto and you do not become a driver, you cannot drive a real car, and if you try to then you will be a menace to all others on the road

So, read a book on PMOs, take course on PMOs, know a PMO leader through your LinkedIn network, or attend a PMO conference, be able to spell PMO and sorry, but expert you ain’t

Why does this cause me concern?

Well, it seems that the rise of the PMO means that more and more organisations are seeking PMO training, consultancy, guidance and inspiration and they appear to be being offered all manner of such services from people who have never actually run a PMO, who have never designed a PMO, who have never built a PMO or re-engineered a PMO

All I ask, if you are in that category of seeking such help, is just check the true credentials of those you consider, and if they have never run a PMO (for real, not some simulation) then walk away

Find a real expert, with experience

Because it is practical experience that will deliver you the absolute best value

Your PMO, for your business, is just too important to get it wrong

Peter Taylor

Fuente: The Lazy Project Manager (Ask an Expert).