Myth Busting the December Job Market!

“December is a bad time for job hunting” has become a generally accepted theory in the recruiting world. But is this statement actually true?

The common belief being that recruiters and potential employees are taking time away from work to be with their families for the holidays and to then plan ahead for the new year. Prompting candidates to wait until the New Year before applying for jobs.

So Are There Any Positives to Looking for a New Job in December?

Yes! The first advantage is that many job hunters may have gone to sleep over the holiday period, leaving the jobs that are available less contended for. This gives you the chance to get ahead of your competition before everybody kick starts their search in January.

You should also take advantage of your network. We have spoken many times about using your professional network on the blog. But Christmas gives you an extra opening to start communications with people you may have lost touch with.

In normal years you would be able to go to Christmas and end of year events and speak with people you might not normally get the chance to. During times of social restriction, it’s worth reaching out a hand online. If it’s a social conversation make sure to try and keep it that way and assess the situation. If you think there could be an opportunity to put yourself forward for work, go for it.

Finally leftover budget can allow organisations to open up positions that will be beneficial to them, but which they previously were unsure they’d be able to afford.

What Does the Data Say?

As we are less than a week into December this year we will need to take a look at the numbers for December 2019 for any findings.

Looking at the KPMG and REC Report on Jobs we can see that Vacancies in December 2019 were at a 3 month high, and there were solid rises in the private sector, whereas the public sector was more mixed. Permanent vacancies were also up in 8/10 of the sectors monitored by the survey.

So as we can see here December is not the wasteland for vacancies that many believe it is. It certainly isn’t the strongest month, however, there were other months during the year that produced fewer vacancies. One thing that we need to factor in is this was an election year where and the growth in jobs in December may have been a reaction to the election result which was delivered on Dec 12th.

If you want to view the full Report on jobs you can do so here

Stay Active in December

If you are currently searching for your next role we would definitely recommend staying active during December. It will provide the chance for you to take advantage of your network and other people’s inactivity.

At the very least it will allow you to lay the groundwork for some potential roles as well as thoroughly update your CV and professional profile.

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