Project Management Training – Shifting from Classroom to Computer

Training has always been an important part of working as a project professional. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all project professionals. If we follow the 70-20-10 rule we know that 10% of our development should come in the form of formal training.

It can be easy for individuals or organisations to come up with reasons why we shouldn’t pursue formal training, such as cost or time taken away from the office to complete. But the advantages far outweigh the negatives:

  • Improves job performance
  • Improves employee satisfaction and morale
  • Addresses your weaknesses
  • Increases your skillset and knowledge base
  • Reduced employee turnover

The decision to take up training either as an individual or for your team is a no-brainer and will provide a worthwhile return on investment.

Training Still Available in a Socially Distanced World

Traditionally training has always been based in a classroom and face to face. The shift towards learning online has been increasing in the last few years and with the country going into lockdown earlier this year the focus on this kind of training has increased even further.

PMO Learning offers a number of their courses online, either as Virtual Classroom or as E-learning. All you need to get started is a computer and a decent broadband connection.

E-Learning Courses – This is training you can in your time. After registering you have access to all the course materials for 12 months, and when you’re ready to enroll for the exam (if it’s a certified course) all you need to do is pick a time that suits you.

Whilst PMO Learning provide PMO specific training they have recently teamed up with Aspire Europe Ltd, as a trusted reseller to provide the best eLearning for the key PPM certifications such as PRINCE2, MSP, Agile Project Management and the APM PFQ.

Virtual Classroom Courses – This type of online training looks and feels more like traditional training. There is a live instructor throughout the online course and you will be learning alongside other virtual learners.

This is not eLearning, where you learn alone. There’ll be exercises, discussions, and questions that you’ll be expected to take part in, just like in a real classroom (but on Zoom).

You can view PMO Learnings full virtual training schedule here>>>

We have mentioned in previous blogs about the importance of getting ahead of your competition (whether that be for new roles or promotions), and this period in time we find ourselves in could provide the perfect opportunity to do that by doing the training you’ve always wanted to do.

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