Project Management Q&A: Managing Work Life Balance When Working From Home

Everyone in our organisation has been working at home for the last five months due to the pandemic and it’s looking likely that we will continue to do that until early 2021; my question is, I don’t think I can carry on with the Zoom calls all day and long hours – my work/life balance is non-existent! How can I better manage this?

Let’s deal with the practicalities first. If you’re suffering from this, it’s highly likely that others within your business are too. It only takes one voice to make a change and you can be the one to suggest that more time is scheduled between calls and to really examine who needs to be in the call – who will be taking action from it rather than just being informed.

There have been many brilliant examples shared on how to make virtual calls more effective and leave participants much happier and less stressed, perhaps you can seek them out and try different approaches in the future. You can see a blog we did earlier in the year for some good examples here

With long hours, sometimes there is a real need to get work done however there are many days when we carry on because others are or it’s easier just to do a bit more because there is no commute home.

You’re forming bad habits and the only way to overcome them is to be aware of it, understand the triggers, and replace the habit with a new one.

Finally, the pandemic has highlighted for many organisations the need to focus on the mental well-being of its employees and one aspect has cropped up many times in the project management field – resilience. You should take the time to discover how resilience in the workplace is becoming a real lifesaver for many people working in high pressured roles like project management.

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