IR35 in the private sector – Update

Whilst many contractors celebrated the decision postpone the implementation of IR35 Off-Payroll Working changes earlier in the year; the legislation is slowly creeping through the Houses of Parliament as part of the Finance Bill, ready for implementation in April 2021.

The changes passed Committee Stage last week and will be heard at Report Stage within the next two weeks so the delay is looking to be exactly that, despite the ongoing criticism of lobbying organisations such as the IPSE, APSCo and Contractor UK.

The progress of the bill also seems to be ignoring the “damning” criticism the proposed legislation received from a House of Lords inquiry which exposed the changes as “flawed”, not fit for purpose and in need of a re-think.

What the proposed changes are and how they will impact have been covered previously in blogs on the Camel

A recent summary from Tania Bowers of APSCo can be found here

Details of IPSE’s plans for a webinar (12:30pm on Thursday 25th June 2020) and how you can join their campaign can be found here

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