Futuristic Vision of Digital Transformation in Architectural and Construction Project Management at CIDIP 2023

XXVII International Congress on Project Management and Engineering – ICPME 2023

In a groundbreaking presentation at ICPME 2023 organized by聽 AEIPRO – IPMA Spain last July in San Sebasti谩n, Carlos J. Pampliega, a renowned PMO Manager and Vice President of PMI Madrid, Spain Chapter, reveals the current scope and promising future of digital tools in the realm of project management for architecture and construction.

Digital Transformation in Architectural and Construction Project Management

The future of construction and architecture is not just about building structures; it’s about building digitally empowered ecosystems.

As we navigate the digital transformation era, the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors stand on the cusp of a revolution. Through meticulous bibliography analysis, Pampliega underscores the prevailing trends and technology’s pivotal role as a transformation catalyst in these industries. Despite the overarching belief, high-level project management remains largely non-digital. However, the tides are turning, with tech tools increasingly optimizing project management processes.

Real-world projects presented by Pampliega serve as exemplary beacons, promoting an in-depth digital transformation in construction. 芦The construction sector is witnessing the inception of novel business models, predominantly owing to the digitalization of project management,禄 asserts Pampliega. He adds, 芦The meteoric rise of digital technologies and the sheer volume of data amassed by devices and apps propel organizations to revolutionize their operations via digital project management.禄

Tearing down traditional barriers and embracing an adaptive, innovative mindset is the cornerstone of our industry’s future.

The ongoing research seeks to pinpoint specific limitations that must be transcended to realize digital transformation in architectural and construction projects. It emphasizes tearing down industry-specific barriers and ushering in fresh opportunities through an adaptive and innovative mindset.

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