Strategic Impact of Projects: Identify benefits to drive business results


Our Pulse of the Profession® data reveals a staggering 83 percent of organizations lack maturity with benefits realization. When benefits realization management is part of a disciplined approach to project management, performance increases.

This report focuses on identifying benefits before the start of a project.

Effective benefits management requires:

  • Linking benefits identification to both project and program management.
  • Establishing benefits identification as a shared responsibility between an organization’s executive leaders, business owners, and project professionals.
  • Aligning identified benefits to the organization’s strategic goals.

When benefits are identified before the start of a project, 74 percent of projects meet goals and business intent.

Download the report for more on the strategic impact of projects and the identification of benefits that can and must be delivered.

Fuente: PMideas (Strategic Impact of Projects: Identify benefits to drive business results).