Expert’s Opinions: Keeping Teams Productive at Work

Maynard Wells


We are almost done with the year 2020. Among many adversities that this year has brought us, being productive at work has been a real challenge.


Therefore, we turned to the experts that remained vigilant in times where being productive was a big struggle for many across the globe.


We have highlighted the top expert opinions and advice they used to keep their teams productive.






Status Update Meetings


We have a Team Status Meeting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday where we talk about the status of our projects via a Zoom video call.


We communicate via the social media and project management app, Slack, and make sure my team adds To-Dos with a clear goal and deadline, so I know what they are working on and when they can deliver. I don’t tell them what the deadline is. I give them flexibility while having them take ownership of their project, so they give themselves their own deadline.


I share with them exactly the impact their work has had in converting a follower into a customer or how it has helped to build our email list or Instagram following.


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Maintain Communication and Report Accomplishments


A chat program like Slack or Google Hangouts where every team member can communicate readily throughout the day helps to increase accountability and foster easy communication.
Ask employees to report their accomplishments each day or week. When employees know they need to produce a list of accomplishments or completed tasks for you, they’ll make sure they have things to report!


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Have More Brief Meetings


My best tip for keeping my team productive is to have more regular meetings but keep them incredibly brief, like 20 minutes tops. These are more like check in sessions to see where everyone is at with their projects, where they need support, or even personal matters. Having these meetings keeps them productive because it creates a sort of show and tell scenario where they can get feedback on their progress and share what they have been up to, which motivates them to have something done for the next meeting.


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Stay Connected


Staying connected and putting extra emphasis on communication has been vital in keeping my employees engaged and motivated through this time of working remotely. As a leader, I’ve been more present and available to my team members. I do daily check-ins with employees to keep them on track but also to listen to any concerns or feedback they might have to offer.


It is extremely important to me to keep my team happy, comfortable, and optimistic. A happier employee is a more productive and engaged employee. In my company, I focus on inclusivity and transparency. It is vital to set up a stream of communication in which employees feel comfortable to express their thoughts as well as making sure those thoughts are fully heard.


With feedback from our employees, we assign challenges to specific leaders to implement visible improvements in our company culture and daily workforce environment. Furthermore, we encourage and offer help to find a healthy work-life balance for each of our team members. By trusting and empowering our employees, they feel appreciated and valued which makes them happier and more motivated.


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Keep Communicating


One way to keep the team productive is to keep up communication with all members of the team. Keeping up communication in the office helps promote a supportive culture and eliminates any possibility of miscommunication in the workplace. Ultimately, improving workplace productivity and also improves teamwork in a department.


Another important way to keep up productivity and morale in an office or team is to ensure that your team gets the recognition they deserve for a job well done. When employees get their due recognition they end up becoming more productive and motivated which is exactly what you want.


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Know Your Team




Assess your employee’s strengths and weaknesses


Observing where and what your team lacks and/or is skilled at are crucial in distributing rightful assignments and support. By doing so, the balance of teamwork is feasible. And as a result, employees become more productive as one would not be stuck in a workload

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