No More Project Management Interviews

There’s a brilliant article over on the Ask the Headhunter website (I love his newsletters!) about what would happen if job interviews were illegal. The article also goes on to imagine if the entire system as we know it – CVs, applications, the whole thing was illegal.

What would take its place? How would project managers find new opportunities and how would organisations make their hires?

It’s about turning the whole system upside down because, as many of you will know from experience, the whole system just sucks.

Over on the onrec website, an article there states that “82% of UK job seekers want companies to move away from traditional assessment methods and try more unorthodox options”

It’s something I’ve often thought about over the years because we get frustrated with the system just as much as the job seekers do. So what are the alternatives?

Let’s take a look at some of the ideas that have popped into my head over the years – some of them probably unrealistic or crazy, but who cares!

No More Project Management CVs

Finding a project management jobAnd that doesn’t mean just using application forms instead – so we’re banning those too. They’re a long-winded pain to complete, so what else?

How about:

  • Recorded video sessions – a bit like an actor does when they’re auditioning for a part?
  • A full website for each professional that shares a portfolio of work in different media.
  • The answer to one question that the hirer poses.
  • A story written or told about a particular work problem or challenge posed by the hirer.
  • An online quiz (rather than assessment or test)
  • A one-page profile that doesn’t show chronological career history – just the skills and competencies (this kind of idea apparently works wonders for reducing interviewer bias)
  • A presentation about a particular skill or experience that is needed in the role.
  • It’s a terrible idea but would X-Factor style events work?


No More Project Management Applications

How about if the whole process of applying for jobs with a CV or Linkedin profile was also banned. For one, that means job boards as we know them today would have to disappear or at least change what they’re advertising. After all, a job could be advertised but no applications allowed! So what could take its place?

  • The hiring organisation sets puzzles or tasks (a bit like GCHQ with its infamous crossword in the national papers) and shortlists successful competitioners. Along the same lines, a scavenger hunt which sets clues and tasks (replacing the CV as a means to demonstrate competency) along a number of different stages before a final challenge (along the lines of the interview options below). The whole timeline replaces the application process.
  • Good old-fashioned face to face meetups and networking. A hirer hears about good work someone is doing and meets for coffee and a potential headhunting situation.
  • Door knocking – looking for a job? No problem, just start making approaches to the companies you’re interested in working for and see if they have work available.
  • Transfers – just like the footballers do, get an agent working for you (although today it’s against the law to pay someone to help them find you a job). The whole idea of transfers would also work well with organisations who invest money and time in developing younger talent. There’s a transfer fee to the original organisation when the talent is approached by another organisation (headhunt).

No More Project Management Interviews

project management interviewsThere’s an interesting option mentioned over on the onrec article – escape rooms! Can you imagine one that is project based? It’s an alternative take on the assessment centre for sure.

Other options for no more project management interviews could include:

  • Speed dating style events – lots of the hiring organisation employees take part with the candidates, not just HR and the hiring manager.
  • Networking events – or as mentioned in the Ask the Headhunter article – coffee hours and cocktail parties (can you imagine!)
  • Using gamification with several candidates based on a project simulation of some kind. Or how about something like Serious Lego play? We’re liking the idea of Project Management Hunger Games!
  • Spending up to a week in the organisation (paid of course) before a formal job offer – both parties are able to walk away if it’s not right for them.
  • Go for a stroll – they say that the best ideas and problem-solving can happen when you’re walking and talking, so how about meeting up with candidates and going for a walk and a chat?


All of these alternative methods also rely very heavily on the hiring company actually knowing what it is they’re really looking for. That’s always been part of the battle when it comes to the traditional methods of recruitment working – do they know what they’re looking for. It’s pretty fundamental and it’s this foundational understanding that is needed before any methods of finding and assessing individuals is going to work. Perhaps hiring organisations need to take a look at their requirements analysis methods first.

If you imagine for a moment that all we know and love about recruitment processes were to disappear overnight, what would you want to see as the replacements? Join in and leave a comment below.


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